Laura Lambert, “19 Books for Kids About the Immigrant Experience in America” from Brightly.

Books arranged from Baby and Toddler to Teen+. Books listed include: • Elisa Gravel, What is a Refugee?: For young readers just learning about the refugee experience, Elise Gravel offers an accessible and affirming introduction; she also addresses why refugees must leave home and how readers can make their community a more welcoming one. The book opens with perhaps the most important message of all, in response to the titular question: “A refugee is a person, just like you and me.” • Anna Kim, Danbi Leads the School Parade: On her first day at her new American school, Danbi has trouble understanding her teacher’s instructions and her classmates’ games. But over lunch, Danbi finds a way to meld her two cultures and create a new game, one everyone can play. An uplifting picture book about finding connection through, not despite, our differences. • Matt de la Peña, Carmela Full of Wishes: When Carmela finds a dandelion to blow, she ponders all the wishes she could make with it. Will she wish for a candy machine? For her mother to sleep in a bed as nice as the ones she makes every day? Or for her father’s papers to be fixed so he can finally come home?