A Portrait of New England’s Immigrants​

A Portrait of New England’s Immigrants

Antoniya Owens, “A Portrait of New England’s Immigrants,” New England Public Policy Center Research Reports, 2008. “This research report uses the most recent available data to construct a detailed demographic, labor, and socioeconomic portrait of New England’s immigrants. It is the latest in a series of publications from the Center on the movement of people into and out of our region.”

Who are New England Immigrants

Who are New England Immigrants

Mamie Marcus and Ricardo Borgos, “Who are New England Immigrants,” Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Fall 2004. From the report: “Given the relative size of the region’s immigrant population, it is an understandable omission—less than 5 percent of the 31 million foreign-born persons in the United States live in the six New England states. But for New Englanders, these 1.4 million immigrants make up nearly 10 percent of the population, and they significantly shape the region’s economy, culture, and character.”

Global Boston: A Portal to the Region’s Immigrant Past and Present.

Global Boston: A Portal to the Region's Immigrant Past and Present.

Global Boston is a digital project at Boston College, chronicling the history of immigration to greater Boston since the early nineteenth century. Examining different time periods and ethnic groups, the site features capsule histories, photographs, maps, documents, and oral histories documenting the history of a city where immigrants have long been a vital force in shaping economic, social and political life. To get started, try clicking on the Eras of Migration box below to explore different time periods in the region’s history.